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Piotr Dabrowski

Dabrowskiego 82G/29
Warszawa 02-571 Poland
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Piotr Dabrowski, a collector and expert in the field of Polish posters, has been professionally associated with this field of art since 1980.
He is the co-founder of the International Vintage Poster Dealers Association. Dabrowski is the owner of the largest internet gallery devoted to Polish posters,, active since 1997. The gallery offers 8,000 posters from 1899-2021.
Dabrowski is also an exhibition curator, editor and publisher, as well as an enthusiast who is constantly at work with developing and supplementing his collection of 20,000 posters.
An independent curator, he has shown posters in museums, galleries, cafes and other urban spaces both in Poland and abroad.
Meetings in Warsaw can be made by appointment only.