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When buying an original vintage poster look for the IVPDA logo and buy with confidence!

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IVPDA - Who we are

The International Vintage Poster Dealers Association (IVPDA), a non-profit association, was founded in 1996 by a group of highly respected poster dealers from around the world. The Association was created to inform and educate the public, collectors and other buyers and to help promote the appreciation of the wide variety of vintage posters from around the globe.

The Association members have strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the posters they offer for sale and to promote ethical and fair business practices. Our members have many years of professional experience and are respected throughout the arts community for their knowledge and integrity.

When buying an original vintage poster look for Members displaying the IVPDA logo and buy with confidence.

Vintage Poster Books selected by IVPDA members

When buying vintage posters, knowledge is crucial. Some of our members have written books on various artists of topics of interest, and others have extensive reference librariesof their own. If you are looking for some great vintage poster books, here is a selection of vintage poster book subjects picked by our members. There are all kinds of books: some focus on specific exhibitions, others are biographies of important poster artists, and some are general works on graphic design. The list is no...
Vintage Poster Books selected by IVPDA members

Meet our Members: Projekt 26

Hello, we’re Harriet and Sylwia, a British/Polish duo based in London. We’re very proud to be the only art dealers in the UK who specialise in the Polish School of Posters; a ground-breaking (yet little known) art movement. For us, Communist era Polish posters are the most expressive, meaningful and original ever created, with a soulful beauty all of their own. All of our vintage posters are authentic originals from Poland, lovingly sourced by us. Our reprints are fully authorised limited editions, printed in Poland with full authorisation f...
Projekt 26

Framing Your Vintage Poster

"Archival" framing is the type of framing that preserves your poster from all environmental elements. Following are absolute musts when framing a valuable poster. If your poster has condition issues, professional linen backing stabilizes the fragile poster paper. After backing, a professional paper conservator will address any damage (See LINEN BACKING). Linen backing is a reversible process and does not compromise the value of the poster. In many instances this backing and restoration will increase its worth. Never let anyone convince you ...
Framing Your Vintage Poster
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