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IVPDA - Who we are

The International Vintage Poster Dealers Association (IVPDA), a non-profit association, was founded in 1996 by a group of highly respected poster dealers from around the world. The Association was created to inform and educate the public, collectors and other buyers and to help promote the appreciation of the wide variety of vintage posters from around the globe.

The Association members have strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the posters they offer for sale and to promote ethical and fair business practices. Our members have many years of professional experience and are respected throughout the arts community for their knowledge and integrity.

When buying an original vintage poster look for Members displaying the IVPDA logo and buy with confidence.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The IVPDA hopes you and your loved ones are keeping healthy and safe. Due to the spread of COVID-19, many events are being postponed or canceled, and some of our members are closing their galleries temporarily or opening them by appointment only.

Many IVPDA members are online and some of them are keeping their galleries open, following the guidelines from the health authorities. Your continued support of our members during this period of economic uncertainty is appreciated.

The situation is changing daily around the world, and we advise you to contact our members directly if you are planning to visit any of them (click on the Members heading above for links to their websites).

Linen Backing Posters

Posters have been printed on inexpensive paper throughout their short history. This paper was often made using inferior materials like acidic wood pulp and unfiltered river water. The chemical nature of these materials tends to deteriorate over time. The paper becomes brittle and flaky. Folds, edges and tears turn brown. The chemical impurities oxidize, causing unsightly spots. All that will happen without human help. People often put tape on the backs of their posters. They store their poste...
Linen backing

Meet our Members: The Vintage Poster

The Vintage Poster is located in Spokane, Washington after 25 years in Laguna Beach, California. . The gallery is a 4-time First Place Orange Country Gallery of the Year. We offer a giant selection of antique original posters and can assist you with your linen backing requirements. Visit us 24 / 7 to view all available antique posters at: and your vintage poster will be delivered directly to your door! Secure website and online ordering and receipt with Certificate of...
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