Vintage Poster Books selected by IVPDA members

When buying vintage posters, knowledge is crucial. Some of our members have written books on various artists of topics of interest, and others have extensive reference librariesof their own. If you are looking for some great vintage poster books, here is a selection of vintage poster book subjects picked by our members. There are all kinds of books: some focus on specific exhibitions, others are biographies of important poster artists, and some are general works on graphic design. The list is not definitive: we will continue to add selections in the coming months. Many of the posters featured in the books are available at the galleries listed on our site - and remember, our members are the best ones from whom to buy a vintage poster as they are vetted, qualified and informed.

If the author is an IVPDA Member, the book is marked with an orange star.

A total of 699 books in the list.
Poster book: Mucha
Poster book: Cyrk
Poster book: Sepo
Poster book: Posters