Contemporary Posters - USA
Ylain G. Mayer

115 Central Park West
New York NY 10023-4198 USA
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Contemporary Posters is a division of Prior Products, Inc., a New York corporation in continual existence since the 1930s. Contemporary Posters was formed in the 1990s by Donald S. Mayer to introduce & establish contemporary graphic design posters as an art form in the U.S. The world-renown Polish School of Posters (c.1945-1989) was chosen as the gallery's sole focus because, in combining the best in poster & graphic arts, it changed the face of contemporary poster art forever - setting standards for others to follow. Featuring CYRK..., the quintessential & most artistic posters of the Polish School; as well as film, jazz, Jewish, opera, political, theater & other Polish School genre, Contemporary Posters' website exhibits the best in contemporary poster art.


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