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Photo from one of our customers

Title: Contre le froid, Picon chaud, le bon grog; circa 1935.
Designer: Jean Scelles
Against the cold, a hot Picon, the tasty grog!

Amer Picon is a drink invented in the 1830s as a "medicine" by Gaetan Picon.

A century later, the Picon company published numerous advertisements to conquer the winter sports market, and increased its sales during the cold season. In 1936, Picon & Cie sponsored the national expedition for the scientific exploration of the Himalayas under the patronage of the French Alpine Club.

Here is what Dr. Arlaud, the expedition's chief medical officer, wrote: "We have started drinking Picon in Camp 1 at an altitude of 5,200m... I made hot Picons for everyone according to your recipe. The effect was remarkable; not only did everyone feel revitalised, but it was also so pleasant that immediately the sceptics became followers and I had to ration it!"
Customer photo submitted by Galerie 1 2 3 (Un deux trois)