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Title: Delightful Design: Bristol by British Railways
Designer: Leslie Arthur Wilcox (1904-1982)
Original vintage railway travel poster for Bristol Romantic Centre for a Delightful Holiday Travel by Train issued by British Railways Western Region featuring a stunning view by the notable British artist Leslie Arthur Wilcox (1904-1982) showing people and families with children in fashionable summer dresses and suits walking in the sunshine along the tree lined riverside path next to the River Avon below the iconic Clifton suspension bridge (opened 1864) with seagulls flying overhead and pigeons in the shade of the trees in the foreground, the dramatic limestone Avon Gorge rising to the sky in the background, a fenced path visible on the left and a steam train emerging from a tunnel on the railway in the rocks below the Leigh Woods on the right, the bold title lettering with the railway logo below. The toll bridge links the area of Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset and was designed by William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw based on an original design by the notable civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859). The pathway shown is now a busy city centre bypass road and, on the other side, a pathway and cycleway now runs alongside the railway line. Printed in Great Britain by Waterlow and Sons Limited, London and Dunstable.
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