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We don’t sell posters. We sell Art.

The late 1960’s hosted a unique utopian experiment where love, peace, music, free living  and mind expansion opened up whole new worlds, and nowhere was this creative explosion more acute and more wild than in San Francisco.

The psychedelic posters created from 1966-1969 by masters like Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, and Alton Kelley have become recognized and highly valued for their unique and creative expression of this utopian time in history, before, during and after the Summer of Love.

The Bahr Gallery promotes and sells this Art, placed in historical context, for you to put on your wall and enjoy. All pieces are beautifully hand-framed and archivally matted with enhancement of the artwork in mind and behind the highest quality museum glass. Certificates of authenticity and official quality grading documentation is included where available.

Grateful Dead

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David E Byrd
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David Singer
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