Chisholm Larsson Gallery - USA
Lars Larrson, Robert Chisholm

Chisholm Larsson Gallery
145 Eighth Avenue
New York NY 10011 USA
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Chisholm Larsson Gallery was established in New York 1974 and is located in the Chelsea section of Manhattan and offers the finest and largest selection of original posters from around the world. In our retail Gallery, as well as our Online Gallery, you enjoy more than 100 years of poster history and find more than 55,000 original posters.

Our lithographic advertising posters as well as movie posters and specialtie posters such as Polish, Russian, Italian and Swiss posters are unrivaled and appeal to collectors, museum curators as well as being fine decorative art for your home or office .


Chisholm Larsson Gallery's entries to Modern Posters 1950s - 1970s

Okna Czasu / Window of Time
Eryk Lipinski
Chisholm Larsson Gallery
Architektur in Finnland / Architecture in Finland
Designer Unknown
Chisholm Larsson Gallery
Szarza Lekkiej Brygady / The Charge of the Light Brigade
Bronislaw Zelek
Chisholm Larsson Gallery
Kinder Verkehrs Garten / Children's Traffic School
John Werner
Chisholm Larsson Gallery