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Spencer Weisz

3720 S. Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach FL 33405 USA
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Spencer Weisz is a 3rd generation antique dealer who established his first gallery in 1991. 33 years later....join us at our new home on antiques row in the Palm Beaches.


Spencer Weisz Galleries, Ltd's entries to Travel the World through Posters

Voyages en Algerie et Tunisie Touring Club de France Chemins De Fer De L'Etat
Artist: Henri Polart, Circa: 1910
Spencer Weisz Galleries, Ltd
Le Carnaval De Nice Messageries Maritimes
Artist: J.J. Gaudinot, Circa: 1930
Spencer Weisz Galleries, Ltd
The Southern Sunshine Route Coast to Coast American Airlines
Artist: Einson-Freeman, L.I. City, New York. , Circa: 1940
Spencer Weisz Galleries, Ltd
Mer De Glace Mont Blanc Savoie
Artist: F. Hugo D'Alesi, Circa: 1896
Spencer Weisz Galleries, Ltd