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Automobiles Richard-Brasier

Over the course of 44+ years and more than a thousand posters, one tends to recognize examples that epitomize their period and/or style. With this perspective, I am sharing with you what I consider to be masterpieces of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and allegorical themes. - Tony Singer

Examples of Art Nouveau

There are relatively few true Art Nouveau posters, whereas some contain elements of this beautiful style. Despite its smaller size [20” x 15”] the “1903 Automobile Club de France” exhibition, by Privat Livemont, epitomizes this short-lived design aesthetic. The colors are soft yet strong, and the composition of elements is brilliant. Color fidelity is paramount with this beautiful poster. Today this stellar poster is $5300 to $5600.

During this time period, we have the stunning “Automobilies Richard-Brasier” celebrating their Gordon Bennett Cup victories. Initially it was produced in 1904 to showcase their race result. Clearly, there were more on hand, as they won in 1905 and used the 1904 version with a “1905” pasted in on the upper left. While it has Nouveau elements in the type and design elements on the bottom, the “story” is the car being as fast as the wind. This good size image, 61.8” x 36”, provides a powerful and strong message. If one can be found, today they would be $25,000 to $30,000.

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“Klausen Rennen” by Coulon, from 1927

Art Deco Takes The Stage

While a good number of posters exhibit the Art Deco style, none is as spot-on as “Klausen Rennen” by Coulon, from 1927. The linear elements depicting speed, as well as power, are beautifully shown in this ultra-rare and large [35.7” x 50.5”] poster. Notice that the only shading is in the mountains, as the lines really convey the message. If available, this stunning poster would command $35,000 or more.

Lastly, another powerhouse image showing the power of the car along with the speed of the bird, is “Chenard & Walckler” by Legache, from circa 1928. Just the brand name, with the great art, tells the viewer all they need to know. The large format [62.6” x 47.3”] adds to the strength of the message. Quite rare today, this poster is $7500 or more.

As with all posters, it is condition and true colors that command attention and secure value. The masterpieces of style are emblematic of the particular design movement of their day. They capture and depict, perfectly, the genius of creativity through the art of the poster.

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1903 “Automobile Club de France” exhibition, by Privat Livemont

“Chenard & Walckler” by Legache, circa 1928.

“Klausen Rennen” by Coulon, from 1927

“Automobiles Richard-Brasier” 1905 HENRI BELLERY-DESFONTAINES